免费shadowsock二维码The Centre for Technology Policy Research (CTPR) was co-founded by Jerry Fishenden and Graham Harrop. It operated from 2009 to 2013 as a co-operative of various organisations, researchers, policymakers, politicians and companies interested in ensuring that technology is better understood and exploited across public, private and voluntary sector boundaries. It undertook privately commissioned research and published both private and public documents, informing the discourse on how to improve public sector use of technology in particular.

The site has now been decommissioned – if you were looking for it, you will have been redirected here. Below are some of the public documents that CTPR developed.

open-govt-cover-image1The report on “open government – some next steps for the UK” (May 2010) can be downloaded here. Other samples include:

小火箭节点二维码分享 (October 2009, released July 2010)
The Obama Effect: the US IT Revolution and the UK (November 2009, release July 2010)
12 Years of e-Government: A Review (December 2009, released July 2010)

CTPR also previously published Newsletters with periodic comment and analysis on key trends and issues in IT, together with interviews with key influencers in this field. For historic completeness, the early public domain free Newsletters are published here as follows:

CTPR Newsletter February 2010 contains an interview with Chris Huhne MP, Shadow Home Secretary for the Lib Dems
小火箭节点二维码分享 contains an interview with Dominic Grieve QC MP, Shadow Justice Secretary, on “reversing the rise of the surveillance state”
CTPR Newsletter 1 contains an interview with Simon Davies and Dr Gus Hosein from Privacy International